Some people are that used to going 'paintballing' rather than 'airsofting' on their outing.

These are some reasons you should consider airsoft!

∙ It hurts ALOT less

∙ The guns shoot further and more accurately

∙ 100 paint-balls = £6. A bag of 3500 bb’s = £10

∙ The guns and kit look realistic, giving you a more

immersible experience

∙ The game-play isn’t pointless, there are

objectives and realistic situations to overcome

∙ Over 16’s have the choice to wear just a pair of

safety glasses as protection, not a vision

impairing mask

∙ We can play in areas of outstanding natural

beauty and MOD training areas because we

don’t leave a mess of paint behind

∙Whether you want to treat it as a re-enactment of

your favourite games or just turn up in a hoodie,

you will never be judged

Convinced? Now why should you choose us, other than because our prices are the best around?..

∙ We have a combined 30 years of experience

∙ We have the biggest private site in the uk at

230 acres. This includes woodlands, buildings,

quarries and vast expanses of some of the

best views in wales

∙ The rental guns shoot further than most of

the members’. We have ak47’s of different

lengths and weights to suit all players

∙ We have plenty of 4x4’s to make the games

extra fun and realistic. Also people with health

issues and disabilities can indirectly take part

∙ We pride ourselves on balance, you will never

feel oppressed or alienated, teams are always

split evenly

∙ Our members and staff will always help,

there will never be an us vs. them mentality

on site

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